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I want a "R: The Count" :(

So out of sheer late night BOREDOM induced by the lack of PS Home and no one on during these hours, I have been periodically buying the DLC for Castlevania HD on 360. I started off with 8bit Simon and the Getsu Fuma Den stage. I died in a minute and figured it was a waste of money. But then I found a site about the characters and read about them. Turns out the DLC chars are WAY better then the defaults.

So I bought Yoko cause she seemed the easiet to play as. Also, she is a me char in design, so it was seemed fair enough. WOW, I breezed through the first 5 levels with her. I'm currently stuck on the final default level though, Dracula has all 3 forms from SOTN :(

So then today I bought another points card and, since I already downloaded all the indie games I wanted (and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, more on that later) I bought all but 2 of the remaining DLC.

So of course I have to post my highly opionated views of the characters in this game, and playstyles when applicable. No, I'm not one of those hardcore nuts that knows every little detail about the game and only rates chars on playstyles, this is Tara the psychotic fangirl here, I primarily rate on the "cut of their digital jib"!

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Well that's it! I'm not gonna bother talking about stages n stuff, but I bought them all.

Anyways, I also got that Pac-Man game. Note it's Championship Edition DX, there was apparently one out before this, so I'm glad I found out about this game after the new one came out. But anyways, the reason I'm writing about this is because, when I tried the demo of this game (out of sheer boredom, of course) I was BLOWN AWAY. Yes, I was blown away by the most boring and irritating game ever. You know why? Because it isn't anything like the original insidious game! It's SO FUN OMG. It's one of the funnest games I have ever played, and it's FREAKING PAC-MAN!

I would suggest anyone with access to this game to at least try it. This is coming from someone who cannot even stomach a playthrough of a SINGLE LEVEL of the original Pac-Man. Don't get me wrong though, I love Pac-Man the character, and the many fun spinoff games. Even Ms. Pac-Man is decent. But that original arcade game is just...ugh...I'd rather play Pong, at least it dosen't have the frustration of respawning enemies!

Some SSF4 commentary a year too late

Well I'm finally going to have internet at my apt tommorow. I also got a 40 inch LED TV, and played some 360 games I literally could not play before! But I've also been searching for SSF4 and finally found it tonight. I haven't played it yet so I can't comment on the gameplay, but the chars invoke in me the need to comment.

Now, the reason I bought SSF4 instead of the regular one despite the mostly shitty added chars, was simple. DUDLEY! Oh mylanta! (/DJ Tanner) For some WEIRD reason I wasn't obsessed with him before, when I played SF3 the first time. I just pretty much overfocused on Twelve (HOTTIE). But I was recently playing SF3 on MAME and oh my freaking gosh Dudley marry me. What the hell kind of fangirl am I for not being obsessed with Dudley back in 2003! *shame*

So yeah Dudley was a brilliant choice. Adon was another decent choice. Hakan and Juri are good new chars. Everyone else added BLOWS.

Dee Jay and T. Hawk: Should have been in original SF4 just for the sake of a complete SF2 roster (even though they both suck)

Cody and Guy: Fuck those generics, put in Maki (ME CHAR) and Haggar!

Ibuki and MAKOTO: *gag* Ew. Ibuki is a bad choice but not the WORST choice. However, MAKOTO is! Oh I cannot express my hatred of Makoto. I hate her for so many reasons. Why the FUCK is she in this game?! Actually, Makoto is only the 2nd worse SF char of all time, the worst being Sean, of course. (3rd place goes to Rufus, he's disgusting but at least more original then MAKOTO.)

Twelve, Oro, Necro, Q, and Gill all would have been infinitely better SF3 choices then Ibuki and MAKOTO. Oh well, they did pick the BEST SF3 char after all so I can't complain TOO much since Dudley alone is worth the price.

Here's all the chars I'll be playing as just for reference:

DUDLEY <3333
Cammy (me)
Rose (me)
Dhalsim (even though I SUCK with him)

Also, all the SF4 debut chars besides Hakan and Juri suck so bad. The mere sight of Crimson Viper and Rufus angers me. El Fuerte and Able aren't HORRIBLE, but are WAAAAAY too generic and boring. Seth isn't ancient Egyptian looking enough, very dissapointing and lame.

Chars that should have been included: KARIN (ME TO THE EXTREME), Maki, Haggar, Necro, Oro, Eagle.

At the VERY least, Karin, Eagle and anyone from SF3 in place of of MAKOTO. (well, not Yun, Yang and Sean, all of whom are just as bad)

Omfg, I just realized how dreamy Dudley vs Eagle would be. Flower loving, boxing, classic British gentleman vs young boy loving, tonfa wielding, gay British gentleman! Lol I'm too obsessed with this stuff xD

Also quick verdict on DW7: "Other" chars are all present and playable, but not in story mode. Therefore, the game is still 80% crap, though probably not AS bad as DW6, assuming they got rid of the clone movesets. But no Yellow Turban + Nanman story, no sale from me. DW series ended with 5 for me :(

It's sad how the more advanced the hardware, the lazier the games get. DW5 had a seperate story mode for EVERY CHAR. Why aren't we seeing this on advanced systems that can handle more? DW6 had hardly any chars, a ton of clones, and horribly nauseating designs, easily the worst DW game ever. DW7 has more chars then 6, but still leaves out story mode for the other factions? WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN LAZY KOEI?!


http://images.wikia.com/dynastywarriors/images/f/f5/Zuo_Ci.jpg *kneels*


MY MVC3 list

Well, I am definitely getting the internet soon. If not this week then the next. I'm sick of not having it! Also I'm getting a 40 inch tv soon. YAY! Well there's not much else to write about I guess I'll post this little list I made. It's my own personal changes to the MVC3 roster! If this was real it would be the best game of all time! And no it's not TOO ridiculous. You'll notice most of the changes had to be made on the CRAPCOM side since Marvel was pretty decent.



Chun-Li Rose

Dante  Firebrand (from Demon's Crest, not just a Red Arremer)

Trish Devilot de  Deathsatan XI

Crimson Viper Juri

Viewtiful Joe  Tabasa/Tessa

Spencer  Mai-Ling


Chris Tyrant


Zero  Megaman (ORIGINAL)


Morrigan Demitri

Felicia Gallon/Jon Talbain



Akuma Bison

Hsien-Ko Q-Bee




Captain Amercia





Deadpool Doctor Strange


Iron Man

Doctor Doom


Super Skrull



X-23 Spiral




Taskmaster  Lizard

Shuma Gorath


quick update

I am all moved in my new apt but have no internet which sucks, but I will be getting it soon, hopefully. Right now I have access if I stay over my mom's but that's it.

I managed to get a PS3, but I have a 20 inch SD so the text is small and blurry. I am addicted to Playstation Home, but I have to sit right in front of the TV to read, and even then some text is unreadable! Ugh, it's awful. I need to get a HD television ASAP. I bought MVC3, and downloaded Jill and Shuma Gorath. Jill sucks gameplay wise, but she's me so I have to deal with it.

Well that's all for now. I'm going to my grams today for St. Patricks day. This is when I like to have my Full House inspired meal of "a corned beef sandwich on rye with a big fat kosher pickle". As said by Uncle Jesse to baby Michelle in the season 1 episode "Sisterly Love".

Writer's Block: The name game

What's the origin of your username? If you could change it to anything else, would you, and what would it be?

It is a portmanteau of my name, Tara, and Shizuma, a character from the anime "Strawberry Panic" that I related to back in 2008.

Tara, like any real name, is always taken on anything I try to sign up for, and back when I used to use Shizuma, it was often taken as well. So I started using Tarazuma for lack of anything else, and the name stuck. I actually really like it alot, so no, I would not change it.

My AIM name is a combination of this, and Taramelo, a nickname Kayla made for me a long time ago, based on the candy, "Caramello".
After a quarter of a century living in "EVAGREEN", I am finally moving! No more fire alarms going off for no reason, no more inspections, no more having to keep things away from the windows, and most importantly, no more living with my mom! No more of her yelling about "messes" (like water on the back of the sink), no more forced seperation from Kayla on the weekends (when my mom has her boyfriend over), no more of her stuff all over the place.

Now Kayla and I will be together all the time, except when we visit our families. In fact, I can now just "VISIT" my grandparents more. Sometimes I don't HAVE to be over there to help them, but even if 1 week goes by where I don't come for at least 1 day, then they miss me haha. So now, I don't have to take one of my "Kayla days" to go see them, since I'll be seeing her all week anyways.

This apartment is really easy too. It's only 575 and it's in a nice quiet neighborhood. The best part is we didn't need any stupid "credit checks" (I have no credit) or "references" (I am renting for the first time!) or any of that other crappy red tape.

So I'll be TOTALLY devoid from the internet for a month, as opposed to at least being able to go on at night. When Kayla's here I don't even get to do that though lol, we're usually busy doing whatever. I should be able to get the internet again in March, so the next post I make will be from my new apt

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a bunch of random stuff

2 more chars for MVC3 who thankfully don't make my blood boil! Storm, who is a genuinely good char with way cool abilities, and C Viper, who um, I have mixed feelings about. She is SORT OF a me char, but there's also something about her that annoys me...I'll try her out at least :/

Woo, I'm about to spend the entire weekend and Monday at Gram's to decorate for xmas. I'm not looking forward to spending that length of time over there lol. Though maybe I can go home Sat. nite and just come back with my mom on Monday. Then they are having some retarded inspection at the apt Monday so Kayla can't come over until Monday nite, then she'll have to leave on thurs again -.- We're hopefully going to move in together very soon, both our current living arrangements SUCK for everyone involved.

My current game of red using only Hypno is hitting a snag lol. It counts as being traded (even though I transferred it through Pokemon Stadium) so Drowzee started acting up at like level 12. I forgot about this feature, since I've pretty much never battled with a traded Pokemon before LOL. Not so early in the game anyways. But it's the only way to beat the game using only Hypno! It's the only game I can do it in too, since he's so powerful in RBY only, before he got royally screwed in the sp attack/def split in GSC. My Drowzee is like level 14 now and dosen't even know confusion, so it's pretty tedious battling atm, especially adding the fact that he acts up half the time.

Here's something completely random, myself as a Touhou char lol. I found this on my HD from like way early this year and forgot about it

I need to make some more versions of myself or something :P http://www.walfas.org/flash/create.swf

On a final note, the Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! has got to be the funniest and most creative modern live action show, Kayla introduced me to it in 2008 and we had a marathon the past few nights. I love it because of the 80s-90s stuff, commercials and infomercials, public access programs, awkward moments and closeups, random fogies, funny songs, "youtube poop" moments, and total random insanity! There was only like 1 ep I hated because it was way too mainstream and not even remotely funny (an MTV parody or something, I didn't even crack a smile watching it)

Wii games

So I tried out a few wii games recently, surprise surprise.

Samurai Warriors 3: I played every DW and SW game except DW2 (1 dosen't count) the empires games, and DW6 (absolutely horrible) so I actually ended up buying this, since it dosen't have any motion control crap. It's fine, same as all the others (which I like), but with some interesting new chars.

You could even say I bought it purely for him: http://download.minitokyo.net/Samurai.Warriors.435312.jpg Kanbei Kuroda, an insanely AWESOME magic using char. He's about tied with Kotaro Fuma as my fav SW char <3

Epic Mickey: This game is a masterpiece, despite using the motion controls! There is shaking for the spin attack, but it's nothing remotely intensive or constant so it's fine, and the rest of the controls work great! The storyline, chars and world are amazing too. I can't wait to see Captain Hook! I'm playing on my friend's game.

Kirby's Epic Yarn: Oh jeez. I knew this would be mediocre at best when I first saw it, but this game is just so monumentally dissapointing to me. Good thing I downloaded this one! First the good. It has no motion controls, outside of tilting for one powerup. Also, the gameplay IS technically good, but it is by no means Kirby gameplay. I personally consider this game to be a spinoff, similar to stuff like Canvas Curse and Tilt n Tumble. There are no enemy powerups (just in level ones you get in certain areas), no inhaling enemies, and worst of all, no floating.

The environment is also completely non-kirby like. The see-through yarn outline motif annoys me, and the music is too generic and non-kirby, sounds like a PBS kids show or something lol. Also, this game has actual dialogue, with both narration AND characters talking, including seeing what Kirby is thinking. This annoys me because no other Kirby game has had this aside from Meta Knight and his crew in Superstar. It's too much like Paper Mario now or something. It makes them all too human-like, I preferred when they were just a bunch of non speaking creatures.

Finally, this is getting REALLY nitpicky, but why does Kirby turn into nothing but machines/inanimate objects in this? I mean really, they couldn't think of anything more diverse? Ooh, a car when he runs, a parachute when he floats, a weight as a "ground pound" attack, a giant tank, a drill-mole machine (why not an actual mole or something?) The UFO is awesome as always though, at least that's creative!

If you don't take this as a Kirby game, it is an excellent platformer. But as the first console Kirby since N64 (that awful racing game on GC dosen't count) it's a terrible dissapointment IMO. They should have stuck with the original game that was canceled several times, the ones with the helpers. But even that annoyed me. Why not have the option to play AS the other chars? Sakurass is so freaking limiting, in both Smash Bros and Kirby. The only way to play as all those cool other chars, is either 2P in Superstar, or "helper to hero" mode in Superstar ultra, which is just a bunch of boss battles -.-

Oh, and I remember being semi-interested in DKC Returns earlier this year, but after finding out the shitty forced motion controls involved, I'm not even going to download it now.


I was going through my external HD and found some questionnaire thingie from 2009 that I never posted, or something. Who knows wtf I was doing back then. I changed some answers to current things, but most of these old answers are still true and/or made me die. I LOVE THESE THINGS.

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