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I want a "R: The Count" :(

So out of sheer late night BOREDOM induced by the lack of PS Home and no one on during these hours, I have been periodically buying the DLC for Castlevania HD on 360. I started off with 8bit Simon and the Getsu Fuma Den stage. I died in a minute and figured it was a waste of money. But then I found a site about the characters and read about them. Turns out the DLC chars are WAY better then the defaults.

So I bought Yoko cause she seemed the easiet to play as. Also, she is a me char in design, so it was seemed fair enough. WOW, I breezed through the first 5 levels with her. I'm currently stuck on the final default level though, Dracula has all 3 forms from SOTN :(

So then today I bought another points card and, since I already downloaded all the indie games I wanted (and Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, more on that later) I bought all but 2 of the remaining DLC.

So of course I have to post my highly opionated views of the characters in this game, and playstyles when applicable. No, I'm not one of those hardcore nuts that knows every little detail about the game and only rates chars on playstyles, this is Tara the psychotic fangirl here, I primarily rate on the "cut of their digital jib"!

Soma: I <3 Soma, I mean first of all he IS Dracula, second of all he is very effiminate. Sure, the common reaction is: "EVERYONE IS SINCE SOTN". Sort of, but only Soma and Juste give me that effeminate vibe as opposed to just bishounen. I mean look at some of his items in DS. "Silk robe"? "Heart earrings"? (that have no effect with in-game hearts btw) I mean come on. He bought that robe from Bed, Bath and Beyond, and the heart earrings from Piercing Pagoda. Also, he's the only male character with a baby pink color scheme <3 Anyways, I also love his monster soul abilities, and they carry over well to this game.

Alucard: Ok, I hate him cause he betrayed his father, my lord Dracula, and joined the freaking GOVERNMENT later on. However, unlike most of the dick heroes, Alucard dosen't have an offensive personality (and a dress style almost as fab as his father's) Also, I'm pretty much numb to him from the 3 million hours spent playing SOTN over the years. So I can technically play as him, I just haven't yet, and probably won't. For the reason I just mentioned, I already played as him a million times over! His play style is fine.

Shanoa: What a fantastic character, design and personality wise. A strong, asexual, magic using woman. The BEST Castlevania hero ever as far as I'm concerned. She's not exactly a me character, but I love her. I can't say much else about her in that regard, but as far as gameplay, her transition to this game is PITIFUL. I mean come on. CONFODORE? THAT'S her melee weapon? The useless piece of garbage from when you start off? In a game where you can't level up, and there's only 2 other melee weapons for her? (Lapiste and Pneuma I beleive, and IDK how to get them) Absorbing glyphs to make them stronger is taken from OOE, so I can't complain too much, but it sucks in conjunction with the lack of leveling in this game :/ Magnes as her hunter skill is a double edged sword. It's great if your using her, but I find it annoying that you HAVE to use her to acess the fastest route in single player.

Jonathan: Ugh. My most hated CV char, I think. Big ol' arrogant cock and his "badass hair flip". Screw you and your redneck father. His items level up but use but I could care less, I'm never using him. I only used him when absolutely neccesary in POR, which was pretty much only when I needed him to stand in 1 spot. And I had no problem beating the game with Charlotte, even on Death!

Charlotte: Speaking of that cutie, she's one of the few types of girls I am attracted to. I don't know why but she really is hot. LOL. In fact, she is the only CV girl I feel that way about. So anyways, I love her design, and I appreciated how there was no "blossoming romance" between her and Cockathan. She's almost as strong as Shanoa! And I love her magic spells of course. However, she is horrible to use in this game...she has to absorb spells like Shanoa, except she dosen't do it through glyphs...instead, you block spells and wait to RANDOMLY absorbb it...once per level...ONCE PER LEVEL...WTF? I think it is anyways...if not, it's still once per enemy...yeah...she's painful to use...

Julius: Now, even though Julius was the one who ended up killing my lord for good, he is pretty cool. I mean LOOK AT HIM! He's almost as distinguished looking as Dracula himself! I suppose Julius is a guilty pleasure of mine. He kinda reminds me of a combination of Cao Cao from Dynasty Warriors and Reggie Bannister. So yeah, he is good looking, but it's a love/hate relationship. However, he is very fun to play as in this game. He has an 8 way whip like Simon in Super Castlevania 4 for SNES!

Yoko: One of only 4 playable "me chars" in CV. The others being Stella in POR "Sisters mode", Carmilla in Judgment, and Sonia Belmont. However, Yoko and Sonia are me in design only, Stella is middle of the road, and Carmilla is COMPLETELY me in every way (omnisexual, places Dracula above all else). Anyways, Yoko is very simple and powerful to play as, so she fits my playstyle. (aka the playstyle of a girl who does not have 8 million hours to waste and a low threshold for the torturous tedium of grinding) She only has 3 spells, but they level up through use, and are very strong. YAY! Her only drawbacks are lack of a jump kick and hunter skill. Very lazy.

Richter: Dickter Belmont, the second most overrated character of CV. Of course, his popularity annoys me more then Alucard's, because he's the "generic youthful dick" hero, whereas Alucard is is a rare type. The only other game where I can play as a Dhampir Nobleman son of Dracula is Vampire Hunter D, though D dosen't dress or act like a Noble. Anyways, I don't know or care how Dickter plays, I'm not paying extra for his overrated cock in my face even if he's "TOP TIER" or whatever.

Maria: YOUNG Maria, thankfully. I hate her stupid older self, all pathetically fawning over Alucard like a dunce. I like playful carefree Saint Beast summoning Maria. Thankfully she's great to play as, apparently one of the better characters in the game. She's versatile, has a jump kick, and her attacks level up through use. Her only drawback that I know of, is that she apparently dosen't get REALLY powerful until later levels, wheras Yoko is incredibly strong around level 6. Hymn is adorable in this game too!

Simon: I like nonspeaking 8 bit Simon. I don't mind Simon in general actually. Idk, he is just the iconic 80s hero of CV. He's um...idk...Simon to play as...obviously easier to play with then he was in the NES games. He apparently has a stronger base attack stack. Well whatever, he's just a cute sprite and plays like the other Belmonts. What I REALLY love though is the retro items found in the stage based off CV1. Mainly the 8bit souls Soma can get. He can summon an 8 bit Dracula (called "The Count") and I want that so bad. I MEAN COME ON HOW FREAKIN' ADORABLE IS THAT!

Getsu Fuma: I've always had a mild fascination with this game because it's weird and is like a Japanese Castlevania. So I thought it was fabulous that they included him and a stage from the game in this. However I didn't buy him yet. I probably will, but he just seems kinda hard to play as, with that tiny attack range :(

Well that's it! I'm not gonna bother talking about stages n stuff, but I bought them all.

Anyways, I also got that Pac-Man game. Note it's Championship Edition DX, there was apparently one out before this, so I'm glad I found out about this game after the new one came out. But anyways, the reason I'm writing about this is because, when I tried the demo of this game (out of sheer boredom, of course) I was BLOWN AWAY. Yes, I was blown away by the most boring and irritating game ever. You know why? Because it isn't anything like the original insidious game! It's SO FUN OMG. It's one of the funnest games I have ever played, and it's FREAKING PAC-MAN!

I would suggest anyone with access to this game to at least try it. This is coming from someone who cannot even stomach a playthrough of a SINGLE LEVEL of the original Pac-Man. Don't get me wrong though, I love Pac-Man the character, and the many fun spinoff games. Even Ms. Pac-Man is decent. But that original arcade game is just...ugh...I'd rather play Pong, at least it dosen't have the frustration of respawning enemies!


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May. 4th, 2011 09:34 am (UTC)
Soma has the Yorck bounce trick for rendering most levels in HD trivial. Look it up. He has routes that are faster than even Shanoa's due to being routs the designers plain didn't intend...
May. 4th, 2011 05:15 pm (UTC)
Lol wow, figures it's a sort of glitch that allows it. And with one of the most useless things too XD I'll have to try this out then, thanks for telling me cause I NEVER would have found out something like this on my own lol.
May. 4th, 2011 11:40 pm (UTC)
It was very likely a "FOR SCIENCE!" moment: It was seen that Soma can ounce off of Yorick's skull. So, I'm sure the question was asked: Could you do it IN AIR, and, if so, could you use it to go higher than Soma normally could?

To borrow Bison for a moment, the answer was "YES! YES!!!!!"
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