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I forgot about MVC3 for a while...

Gosh, it's been forever since I updated this journal. November's been a pretty good month, infinitely better then the past 2! I've been spending lots and lots of time with Kayla and been busy helping out the fam squad the past few weeks. Thanksgiving was ok, nothing special, as usual. I am sure thankful all of my family was there to spend it with though! Also thankful that things are finally great with Kayla again.

I remember earlier this year going on long angry rants on MVC3 and all it's overrated testosterone, then giving up caring about the game after seeing a fake leaked roster that was beyond dismal. But then as soon as Amaterasu was revealed, I decided I'd most likely end up buying the game, but still forgot about it. A few weeks ago however, I saw some absolutely wonderful new chars. Sir Arthur, the awesome old fashioned gentlemanly knight from Ghouls n Ghosts, the absolutely HILARIOUS looking MODOK, and the return of Tron Bonne!

I didn't like any of the other new chars in the slightest, though I have to admit Wesker isn't too bad. I like his style, he is sort of the male version of one aspect of my personality :P Sort of like a reverse midnight bliss me o.O Blonde hair, wearing all black, long coat, boots, gloves and sunglasses, and the calm, reserved attitude haha. (It's how I act in public or arround those I dont know >>) Plus he seems to have some sort of interesting super powers or something, instead of just generically gun-dicking around like Cock Redfield.

The 2 latest chars shown, overrated lapdog of humanity Zero, whom I hate with a passion, and She-Hulk, who is just there, were disappointing to me of course.

However, there are an additional 2 chars that provide me with mixed feelings. Jill Valentine, who I already loved because of her monster assists, and the return of SHUMA FREAKING GORATH, MY LOVER. Normally this would cause me to instantly buy the game, but unfortunately those 2 fantastic chars are DLC only -_- Sick, and depressing. How dare they do that to my sweetheart! But oh well, at least the SADISTS bothered to even put him in. I guess I'll just have to buy the collector's edition (which they are automactially included with) since best of all, Jill has her new look, with the blonde hair, so she actually becomes the official ME character! Because even though Trish is a total me character in design, her relationship with Dickte makes me refuse to even touch her.

So that makes my list of playable characters MUCH higher then expected!

3. Shuma Gorath - MY LOVER <3 This will be like what, our 13th anniversary next year <3
4. Dormammu - If he were real, I would worship him as a god, just like I would Shuma. Plus, he talks down to Dickte in his intro, SO AWE INSPIRING <3
5. Tron Bonne - So cool and original, and I a HUGE fan of her game, I played it thru like 10 times! Kobuns are so cute too!
6. Jill Valentine - Monster assists, and new blonde-domme look, so I can sickly imagine myself in the game teaming up with Shuma Gorath and Dormammu!
7.Super Skrull - He just looks AWESOME and has incredible powers! Who needs 4 humans when you can have 1 awesome alien that does it all!
9. Thor - Old style dialect using Norse god with keen lightning and stuff!
10. Magneto - Distinguished mutant overlord with a way cool power!
11. Dr Doom - Can't resist the other classic distinguished villain!
12. Captain America - He's cool because he fights for freedom and stuff, plus that shield is a tactilely appealing weapon o.O I don't read the comics, but I like how he led the resistance in that civil war story!
13. She-Hulk, maybe. Just cause she's new, and not retarded. I'll try her out.
14. Wesker, MAYBE. For the reasons I mentioned above. His abilities are pretty interesting o.O

Woah, 12-14 chars?! Utterly insane, I was barely scraping by with 3 until Amaterasu and Thor were revealed! I pretty much hate everyone else in the game as of now. Of course, my main desires are Devilot, Firebrand and Dr. Strange, but Dr. Strange is still the only one with even a glimmer of a chance :(

Mike Haggar may or may not also be in the game, based on a 3D render seen in the Capcom office, if he is I'll definitely try him out as well! Middle aged wrestlin' papa retro game goodness o-o



I made a ytmnd for the first time in 5 years yay


Obligatory B/W post

Now that things have stabilized with Kayla, I can finally post about the awesomeness that is B/W.

As I excpeted, B/W totally makes up for the train wreck that was D/P. So many designs I'm in love with, and many of them have good types/stats as well! There's also not many I hate! Less then 20 in fact (counting any full evolution lines as one) And it's such a refreshing relief that there are no old Pokemon in the game until after the national dex, especially 4th gen stragglers >>

There are so many designs I like in fact, that are also usable with good stats and types, that for the first time EVER, I am going to have to make multiple teams, and even then it's still hard deciding.

There's 2 others I like, but can't really say genuinely, but rather circumstantially. Tsutaja, due to a series of fanart pics, and Musharna, who I like only when it's standing up with it's eye open, giving a very weird Hypno-esque vibe.

Instead of talking about them though, I'll just put up a pic of all the designs that are my favorites/likes. Mostly favorites! The second to last one is a single monster, it just has 2 formes.


Heart Gold friend code reference

2665 7003 4492


I knew it would happen!

For the first time since the Great Pokemon Resurgence 2006 and the brief resurgence in 2007, I am re-obsessed with Pokemon again! This is nuts. I'm displaying all the symptoms:

-Desire to play the old games: I'm currently playing Red and Fire Red, and I wanna take out my N64 to play Stadium 2.

-Desire to take out all my lil Pokemon figures and stuff. I already have 4 Hypnos out year round <3

-Desire to buy a new Pokemon game, in this case being Heart Gold. I was gonna skip it initially, since it was released 2 years too late and all my excitement died down. But now I'm hyped over it again, since I can catch all sorts of awesome monsters like Hypno, Houndoom, ect and start off with my favorite starter, Totodile. But also because of some new feature called the "Pokeathalon" which is a bunch of mini-game type things for Pokemon to compete in. Sounds pretty fun to me. It could suck, but I'm gonna find out the HARD WAY! Even though I can play the rom on my acekard, I prefer to buy Pokemon games if I'm gonna play them for real.

Only problem with this is I also really wanna buy Monster Rancher DS, to support it, since it has Gali, my sick fangirl obsesson <3 But I might only have enough for 1 game. My fault for wasting my credit on the obnoxiously hard Ninety Nine Nights 2 -_- But I wasn't expecting to get obsessed with Pokemon again!

I AM WAY TOO OVERLY HYPED ABOUT BLACK AND WHITE. Seriously, this game is going to be so awesome. I have enough awesome monsters to form a team, and found out some great news about what Pokemon will be in the game. Apparently it's going to be exclusively the new Gen 5 Pokemon up until obtaining the national dex. This means no disgusting stragglers from Gen 4, and no "obligatory" Pikachu, Jigglypuff and ect. All the old Pokemon I like are never in the newer games anyways except Golduck. So absolutely no loss for me, and it will actually be an exciting new game!

So yeah, this is Pokemon resurgence 2010! Never thought it would happen again. I regret not buying the Hypno Pokemon Zukan figures when I saw them in 2007 now, since I can't find them ANYWHERE now. I'm such an idiot -.-


Street Fighter X Tekken?

Wow, amazing, I may actually be interested in this depending on the gameplay. It apparently will play like SF4, if so, I'll probably buy it, since Nina Williams (me to the EXTREME) is already in it. Now just give me my SF self, Karin, and it's an insta buy as long as it has SF gameplay. I really don't care about anything else :P

Well, except for stuff like Gen vs Heihachi, omf, crossover fogey battle *-* And like, Gouken vs a non-boss Jinpachi O.O Dudley vs Roger would also be way cool, even though I prefer the neglected forgotten cutey Alex over Roger :( And um..Dhalsim vs Yoshimitsu :D

I'm just excited at the prospect of playing as Nina and Yoshimitsu in a SF style, because I suck BADLY at Tekken.


Wow, totally unexpected....

That was from the official Marvel site, along with other images and official artwork of Amaterasu and Thor...I guess completely ignoring the game this long payed off.

Ok, so I guess I have to buy this game after all...

Seems a shame for only 4 chars, but I did say I'd buy it if Amaterasu, Devilot or Firebrand was playable. I really can't pass up an opportunity to play as Amaterasu in a fighting game, she's too awesome.

There was a vid of Super Skrull in action and he looks way awesome too. And Thor will definately be great. So um, yeah. I'm going to continue hoping Dormammu is playable and not some cop-out boss, but it makes no sense why there's no videos of him in action yet :/

So those would be the only 4 chars I'll play as so far. Dr Doom is ok but he was in MVC2 so like, I really don't care that much.

Ugh, the pathetic testosterone loving Trish was also in a vid, and it pains me, because her moves are completely AWESOME. She doesn't even use guns, and has like magic and a scythe thing. Not to mention a perfect me design gone to waste. Uggggh, why does such a perfect design have to be the cheap slut of the biggest most overrated cock in video game history. WHY!!!!! She'd be so awesome as like a no-nonsense asexual who has 0 interest in Dickte and does stuff like ignore and insult him.

*sigh* w/e, Amaterasu is in now, so the game has got me on a technicality. My hands are practically tied now O_O I even have the required 3 char team of Amaterasu, Super Skrull, and Dormammu and/or Thor if Dormammu is somehow not playable.

Of course, there is the factor of gameplay. As it stands, I hate MVC2's forced 3 on 3 frantic gameplay, and this is made even worse with a 360 controller, which I found out the hard way. So, I may not buy this even with Amaterasu. Devilot and Firebrand are another story however. I'd almost even use motion controls to play as them!

Oh, and the Punisher was confirmed to NOT be in the game. YES!!!!


Trainer cards

Oh great, I hope I'm not re-developing another pokemon obsession again likie 2006 and 2007!

Red team:

Gold team:

Ruby team:

Overall team (I guess):

While I won't use non-favorite Pokemon, or worse, Pokemon I hate, just because they have good stats, I kinda care about stats with my favorites. I have a major issue with the physical and special attacks introduced in D/P. Now Leaf Blade is weakened for Sceptile since it's Physical and he has a higher special atk, and Surf is weakened for Feraligator since it's special and he has a higher atk. Effing BS. I also refuse to use moves with less then 100% accuracy, and I can't be bothered with the item that increases accuracy.

And I hate using Toxicroak, he dies too easily. Unfortunately, he's the only fighting type I genuinely like. (RETRO EDIT: I FORGOT HERACROSS WAS PART FIGHTING HE'S MY FAVORITE AND I USE HIM NOW.) I hacked a toxicroak in my friend's Pearl (to try in Battle Revolution) that had No Guard and Cross Chop, but he stil died way to easy and is 4x weak to psychic and has the added weakness of ground. And poison type is strong against nothing but grass, making it a useless type -.-

Also, Hypno's been ruined for me ever since they split special attack and special defense in GS. In Red, I decimated with him. But now his special attack is way lower then his special defense, and I play offensivly. That's why I should probably use Gardevoir instead of Hypno, but Hypno's my number one favorite darn it!

Thankfully I don't play competitively, that crap makes me so angry! I HATE how they play. It's almost as bad as smash bros, but at least Pokemon normally has the capability to be played that way without relying on glitches and crappy made up techniques >>

But eff EV training, eff all those stupid strategies, traps, and constant switching out. I'm an old fashioned battler from the days of Red and Blue, and I focus purely on attacking and the type strengths and weaknesses. I played on Netbattle back in 2006, and I lost pretty much every time, due to the same freaking monsters, Gengar with it's annoying levitate, Blissey with it's high HP, and ect. I got so pissed off I started using Machamp just to kill those DAMNED BLISSEYS and OTHER FREAKING NORMAL TYPES. UGH, I HATE NORMALS SO MUCH!!! Even losing to legendaries didn't anger me. Just losing to Gengar due to not being able to Earthquake him to death like the old days, and Blissey due to taking like 2-3 cross chops to kill, and other cheap stuff with non-legendaries. Seriously, I'd rather be 1-hit KO'd by Rayquaza or something.

But whenever I played with RBY rules with my friends, I almost always won :D Everyone got so upset when I kept putting their Pokemon to sleep with Hypno and killing them with Dream Eater, that they wanted to switch to the stupid netbattle exclusive rule of only having 1 pokemon able to be asleep at a time. That was utter BS. BITCHES CAN'T HANDLE RBY HYPNO! <3

Also, I TOTALLY dominated at random battle O_O since no one could use their petty cheap tricks and strategies and precious EV training. Seriously, I have complete mastery of type strengths and weaknesses. The only time I lost is when I got some crappy useless thing like Caterpie or w/e.

Just to note though, I DID use the EVs in netbattle since all you do is slide the values you want. But I would NEVER actually put in the millions of hours of time and tedious effort to get that crap in the actual games.