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Some SSF4 commentary a year too late

Well I'm finally going to have internet at my apt tommorow. I also got a 40 inch LED TV, and played some 360 games I literally could not play before! But I've also been searching for SSF4 and finally found it tonight. I haven't played it yet so I can't comment on the gameplay, but the chars invoke in me the need to comment.

Now, the reason I bought SSF4 instead of the regular one despite the mostly shitty added chars, was simple. DUDLEY! Oh mylanta! (/DJ Tanner) For some WEIRD reason I wasn't obsessed with him before, when I played SF3 the first time. I just pretty much overfocused on Twelve (HOTTIE). But I was recently playing SF3 on MAME and oh my freaking gosh Dudley marry me. What the hell kind of fangirl am I for not being obsessed with Dudley back in 2003! *shame*

So yeah Dudley was a brilliant choice. Adon was another decent choice. Hakan and Juri are good new chars. Everyone else added BLOWS.

Dee Jay and T. Hawk: Should have been in original SF4 just for the sake of a complete SF2 roster (even though they both suck)

Cody and Guy: Fuck those generics, put in Maki (ME CHAR) and Haggar!

Ibuki and MAKOTO: *gag* Ew. Ibuki is a bad choice but not the WORST choice. However, MAKOTO is! Oh I cannot express my hatred of Makoto. I hate her for so many reasons. Why the FUCK is she in this game?! Actually, Makoto is only the 2nd worse SF char of all time, the worst being Sean, of course. (3rd place goes to Rufus, he's disgusting but at least more original then MAKOTO.)

Twelve, Oro, Necro, Q, and Gill all would have been infinitely better SF3 choices then Ibuki and MAKOTO. Oh well, they did pick the BEST SF3 char after all so I can't complain TOO much since Dudley alone is worth the price.

Here's all the chars I'll be playing as just for reference:

DUDLEY <3333
Cammy (me)
Rose (me)
Dhalsim (even though I SUCK with him)

Also, all the SF4 debut chars besides Hakan and Juri suck so bad. The mere sight of Crimson Viper and Rufus angers me. El Fuerte and Able aren't HORRIBLE, but are WAAAAAY too generic and boring. Seth isn't ancient Egyptian looking enough, very dissapointing and lame.

Chars that should have been included: KARIN (ME TO THE EXTREME), Maki, Haggar, Necro, Oro, Eagle.

At the VERY least, Karin, Eagle and anyone from SF3 in place of of MAKOTO. (well, not Yun, Yang and Sean, all of whom are just as bad)

Omfg, I just realized how dreamy Dudley vs Eagle would be. Flower loving, boxing, classic British gentleman vs young boy loving, tonfa wielding, gay British gentleman! Lol I'm too obsessed with this stuff xD

Also quick verdict on DW7: "Other" chars are all present and playable, but not in story mode. Therefore, the game is still 80% crap, though probably not AS bad as DW6, assuming they got rid of the clone movesets. But no Yellow Turban + Nanman story, no sale from me. DW series ended with 5 for me :(

It's sad how the more advanced the hardware, the lazier the games get. DW5 had a seperate story mode for EVERY CHAR. Why aren't we seeing this on advanced systems that can handle more? DW6 had hardly any chars, a ton of clones, and horribly nauseating designs, easily the worst DW game ever. DW7 has more chars then 6, but still leaves out story mode for the other factions? WHY ARE YOU SO DAMN LAZY KOEI?!


http://images.wikia.com/dynastywarriors/images/f/f5/Zuo_Ci.jpg *kneels*



Apr. 7th, 2011 02:41 pm (UTC)
Yeah, "she'd" do you alright..she already has the stature and build of a male, so I wouldn't be surprised if "she" has a little surprise for you down there :O
Apr. 7th, 2011 02:46 pm (UTC)
As long as she's got both, I wouldn't mind terribly. ;p